Deck Cleaning

Safe & Pristine Cleaning Services offers the very best in deck cleaning services around the borough of New York City. Decks are prone to some serious and stubborn stains which include natural stains due to different weather conditions as well as manmade stains. Cleaning the deck spotlessly needs special equipments and proper knowledge. Cleaning the deck of your house will change the look and feel of your house and increase its financial value. This in turn enhances the curb appeal of your property. Sun-decks, patios and any other wooden surface around your house are constantly battered by harsh and unforgiving weather conditions like rain, snow, extreme sun exposure and dirt. Proper maintenance of such wooden surfaces needs resealing and distaining in order to maintain them in excellent conditions. If not properly maintained, then tend to cracking, warping or withered wooden surfaces. Call us @ 646-209-1245 to keep your decks and patios shining like new so that you can enjoy your time on them.